I've been the sole owner of this account for as long as it has been in existence. I first started playing to see what my brother was spending all his time with, and have been with the game ever since. But now, real-world pressures are taking all my time and I'm not able to play anymore.

There are six characters on Catskills, and four characters on Baja. Only one of the characters is not "finished" and all of the others are maxed on skills tuned to their profession (most have eaten stat scrolls too).

The account includes a 16x17 custom villa, a VALORITE HAMMER with a few charges left on it (from pre-AOS), a couple of INCREDIBLE weapons crafted by the hammer, four BOD books, a bunch of Tokuno arties and minor arties, plus the usual assortment of veteran rewards (ethereals on almost every char, an ankh, etc), BOD rewards (clothing bless deeds, etc). All the characters have personal bless deeds too.

Click the character names to view their skills and stats on MyUO. Click the image to view a full-sized version.

Catskills Characters

My brother was on Catskills so that was the shard I signed up for as well.

Lord Aries the Crafter: Legendary Tailor, Elder Blacksmith, GM Tinker, GM Bowcraft, GM Carpenter, Elder Mage. He's been my main character for the past few years, and is well-known and respected on the Catskills shard.
Ursus the Mage-Ranger: Elder Lore, GM Tamer, GM Vet, Elder Mage, GM Meditation, GM Spellweaving, GM Resisting Spells. My tamer-lamer, can go anywhere in the game pretty much. Good pets in the stables, most are well-trained. He trained several blue beetles to 4X GM for the other characters too, btw.
Aethen the Melee Tank Monkey -- Elder Fencing, Elder Parry, GM Tactics, GM Anatomy, 90 Healing, 90 Resisting Spells, 80 Chivalry, 40 Focus. Maximum stats. He has some excellent gear (see below, or click the picture at right for close-up). He can go toe-to-toe with anything short of a paragon-class lvl 5 creature.
Mundaine the Nox-Necro-Mage-Fencer -- Elder Necro, Elder Spirit Speak, Elder Fencing, Elder Magery (no evalint), GM Med, 90 Poison, 90 Resisting Spells. This guy is pretty wicked, especially in a crowd. Drop a lvl 5 poison field with magery, throw high-level necro spells or stick your enemy with a lvl 5 poison dagger. All of his damage is poison and cold (no eval means no real damage from fire and energy spells). Mundaine used to be an alchy/scribe mage, and those skills are on a pair of soulstones should you need them.
Lute the Bard-Archer -- Elder Music, GM Provoke, Elder Archery, GM Anatomy, 90 Healing, 90 Resisting Spells, 80 Chivalry, 40 Focus. He may not sound like much but take my word for it, he can go almost anywhere in the game and come out with the gold. The combination of provoke and archery is extremely effective in dungeons. I originally made him on Baja for a special event, but when EA introduced sixth character slots and transfer tokens, I moved him over.
Thor the Prospector -- GM Cartography, GM Fishing, GM Lockpicking, GM Mining, Elder Magery, Elder Meditation, GM Resisting Spells. This guy does lvl 6 treasure maps solo, using nothing more than field spells and a set of Mage Weapon bows. He can also mine some valorite or fish up some SOS messages, if that's your interest.

Catskills House

This house is a custom 16x17 villa located on the Trammel facet just southwest of Spirituality shrine, a couple of screens west of the Brit-Trinsic road. You can run to the ocean, or to the mountains for mining, or run north to the hedge maze, with no problems whatsoever. There is no danger here--usually there is a single mongbat in the woods to the southeast, although once a month or so a troll or ettin may also wander near. The area is crawling with wandering healers.

Patio Garden -- Chill out next to the sparkling fountain, lovingly crafted by Aries out of bowls, dyed cotton, carefully cultivated plants and statuettes. This is a one-of-a-kind piece of architecture in UO.
Ground Floor -- The main reception area for the villa hosts the living space (with hand-crafted fireplace), dining area, and prep kitchen with working chef. There is also a teleporter tile leading to the roof in the corner by the front door.
Second Floor -- The work area, this holds a study with various books and runes, and a workshop area suitable for any type of crafting activity. There is also a stairwell leading down to the patio. The work area has an open-air ceiling made of colored cloth that disappears when you walk under it, which gives you a sense of being outside, while still preserving your privacy.
Third Floor Barracks -- Each character has a private bunk, a foot locker containing personal keep-sakes, and an armoire with some special armor. There are also some board games on the tables, and some soulstones in the corner.
Roof Deck -- The roof area is for you to do with as you please. I use it for training pets, sparring with friends, and dancing with the ladies.

Catskills Special Items:

Besides the stuff shown here, there are all kinds of goodies scattered around the house and bank boxes, including resources, good weapons and armor, pets, BODs, all kinds of stuff.

Valorite Runic Hammer -- I played with the Bulk Order Deed system pretty heavily when it first came out. I got a 10-piece exceptional Verite Plate set, and managed to buy, sell and trade my way to all of the parts. When I turned it in, I was floored to get a Valorite hammer as a reward (they've since changed this, and you can no longer get a val hammer for Verite armor bods). This originally had 50 charges on it, but they knocked it down to 15 during one of their great "corrections" (the same one that made these things impossible to get anymore). I made some great weapons with it after AOS came out, but have otherwise avoided using it.
Excellent War Fork and Shield -- I made the warfork with my own grubby mitts. It's one of the best non-artifact weapons in the game. The shield came from a lvl 5 treasure chest and was successfully enhanced. This stuff keeps Aethen out of trouble.
Excellent Repeating Xbow -- Mages hate this thing, it fires so fast and does some pretty good damage.
Excellent HCI/DCI/FC Bracelet -- Got this from a paragon Lich Lord one day... Aethen's using it now.

Baja Characters:

I started a character on Baja for an event, but since I was living in California it actually had the best ping for me, so I ended up building some combat characters there to experiment with PVP. These characters are all fine-tuned expirements for certain kinds of combat. All of the characters encamp at the Magincia Inn since it is near the bank and there are lots of shops nearby, but you can move them anywhere you want.

Knuckles the Samurai Paladin Fencer -- Elder Fencing, Elder Parry, GM Anatomy, 90 Healing, 90 Resisting Spells, 90 Chivalry, 90 Bushido, 40 Focus. I've experimented with a huge amount of combat skills on this guy. He's able to do quite well with his current skill set.
Al the Pure Mage -- Elder Magery, Elder Eval Int, GM Scribe, GM Alchemy, GM Resisting Spells, GM Wrestling, GM Meditation. This guy is a believer in natural forces, and plays accordingly. He uses a lot of minor artifacts to supplement his skills and armor.
Ruhl the Necro-Mage Swordsman -- 105 Magery, Elder Eval Int, 105 Necromancy, Elder Spirit Speak, Elder Swords, 90 Meditation, 90 Resisting Spells. Another experimental mixed-bag character that proved to be extremely entertaining. This is probably my most challenging character to play, but he has a huge number of options available, including full-powered necro and magery spells, plus the ability to do mortal and bleed special attacks with his swordsmanship..
Tink the Newbie Crafter -- Low-level tinker and not much else. I never finished this guy but you can play with him (or not) as you wish. I made him so he could craft dart-trap crates for Knuckles during my PVP days and never got around to finsihing him up. The only reason I mention him is because he has a personal bless deed and some AOS clothing. [Not worth the storage space for a picture]
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