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December 27, 1998

The Best (and Worst) of 1998

1997 was a banner year for the networking industry, bringing a hoard of new technologies and products to the newly-networked masses. 1998 was the morning after, with most of us trying to make 1997's technology work, while vendors pushed out follow-on products that tried to get closer to the original promise. Sometimes the fixes worked, with some products and technologies permanently altering the landscape, while others just proved that some technologies weren't really such great ideas in the first place.

Here then is my short list of the winners and losers for 1998.

The Winners

The Losers


I've Shown You Mine, Now You Show Me Yours

These recommendations are a result of my own usage and observations. Some of these products are going to be totally meaningless in your environments, and rightly so. Likewise, many of the coolest products are going to be those that I haven't seen.

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