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January 17, 1999

An MRD for Linux on the Desktop

In the last issue of this newsletter, I made the case that while Linux on the back-end has thus far been a great success, Linux on the desktop has yet to reach critical mass. This issue, I want to look at this topic in more detail, and explore some of the things that I think need to happen before Linux can become a contender for any significant portion of the desktop market.

I think these reasons are fairly consistent with the rest of the populace. As such, maybe this list should be treated as a sort of Market Requirements Document for Linux vendors to use whenever they do decide to get around to this market. Maybe not. I'm still going to give my reasons, though.

The List Goes On

There are of course lots of other issues that need to be addressed, but I think that these are the top three challenges keeping Linux off the desktop for most users. Drivers aren't available, it's too hard to configure all of the system services, and there just aren't enough applications to choose from.

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