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Internet Core Protocols: The Definitive Guide

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I wrote this book in the summer of 1999. This is the blurb from O'Reilly:

If you've ever been responsible for a network, you know that sinking feeling: your pager has gone off at 2 a.m., the network is broken, and you can't figure out why using a dial-in connection from home. You drive into the office, dig out your protocol analyzer, and spend the next four hours trying to put things back together before the staff shows up for work.

When this happens, you often find yourself looking at the low-level guts of the Internet protocols: you're deciphering individual packets, trying to figure out what is (or isn't) happening. Until now, the only real guide to the protocols has been the Internet RFCs -- and they're hardly what you want to be reading late at night when your network is down. There hasn't been a good book on the fundamentals of IP networking aimed at network administrators -- until now.

Internet Core Protocols: The Definitive Guide contains all the information you need for low-level network debugging. It provides thorough coverage of the fundamental protocols in the TCP/IP suite: IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, ARP (in its many variations), and IGMP. (The companion volume, Internet Application Protocols: The Definitive Guide, provides detailed information about the commonly used application protocols, including HTTP, FTP, DNS, POP3, and many others). It includes many packet captures, showing you what to look for and how to interpret all the fields. It has been brought up-to-date with the latest developments in real-world IP networking.

You may also be interested in reading the foreword by Vint Cerf. If you would like to see what's covered in the book, see the table of contents. For additional information about the book (including any errata), please refer to the O'Reilly catalog page.

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Internet Core Protocols: the Definitive Guide
O'Reilly & Associates, 2000
ISBN 1565925726

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