These are some of the technology specifications that I've been publicly associated with over the last few years. Most of these are independent efforts that resulted from discovering problems while studying a particular technology.

Apart from the individual submissions above, I also specified a distributed Internet registry query service called FIRS as a secure, distributed, and well-defined replacement to the aging WHOIS service for the CRISP working group. Although an alternative proposal was selected for the specific focus of the working group, I still belive that this is a necessary infrastructure project, especially as a precursor to services such as authenticated email transfers.

Another document of some interest here is the Internationalization Considerations for CRISP report (PDF), which was written as a private analysis on behalf of Network Solutions (the other major contributor to the CRISP working group) and was not published through the IETF process.

Separately, I have also done some preliminary work on a Mail Transfer v2 protocol that attempts to address some of the design flaws and security issues with SMTP, although I have not yet had the opportunity to convert this into a form that is suitable for submission to the IETF.

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